My 13th Year Post WCG! And Yes, I Won’t Be Fooled Again!

Whoops!!!! I haven’t blogged here in a couple weeks and October is almost over! What’s the big deal??? It is my 13th year since I left the Worldwide Church of God (now incarnated as Grace Communion International) and every year, I always have a video clip from You Tube from The Who and their masterpiece hit, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” and trust me this year WILL NOT BE DIFFERENT!!! May this song be anthem for many people for freedom and independent thinking from the splinters of Armstrongism or any other destructive religious (and cultic) system and the embrace of independent thinking and eternal vigilance and suspicion of religious leaders of all kinds.

Time to celebrate 12 years of life after the WCG

October’s almost ending and I almost didn’t make a mention about that this time of the year, I always commemorate my exodus from the Worldwide Church of God  (as it was known then) during October 1998. I have told many people many times that during that time it was supposed to be a “leave of absence” but that leave of absence became permanent and I thank God personally for that direction. Enough of 27 out of the then 28 years of my life  of being systematically lied to and being manipulated like a ping pong ball. It was the journey towards freedom and a recapturing of true sanity or simply “capturing” sanity for the first time (I guess only a little more time may tell which it really was). Trust me there was a lot of ups and downs during these 12 years which led into some rethinking on many previous ideas that I had and to accommodate new ideas and concepts in the process. I don’t know where it will take me but I am very certain that I will NOT allow ANY man (or woman for that matter) to dictate in any terms of how I think in spiritual terms. I believe in God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I do not need ANY middleman in between. If that offends anybody, that’s tough and that’s life. The past couple of years or so I have posted various clips of  The Who’s, We Don’t Get Fooled Again and this year’s no exception. Enjoy!

It’s been 10 years this month!

From my liberation from the Worldwide Church of God back in late October 1998, which started as a leave of absence but later made this permanent departure. I can’t believe it has been a decade! WOW! Thank God Almighty in every sense of the word. At this time last year on this blog,  I have explained my thoughts and feelings leaving Worldwide and having an eternal vigilance and suspicion on ALL religious leaders. I am unbowed, unmoved and unyielding in those thoughts and feelings a year ago.  For me to soften up by now is simply not an option and as long as live on planet it remains not an option. Oh yes, I am going to celebrate again with another clip. Yes, it is again The Who and one of their masterpiece songs Won’t Get Fooled Again at a concert in the UK in 1978 (I believe shortly before Keith Moon’s passing, trivia for all those Who fans there). The song is not only a personal anthem for me but it is also a mitzvah (a commandment) that I will zealously obey as long as I live with ecstatic joy. May it be the same for future generations of people exiting the kingdom of darkness of Armstrongism.


Hillsong: It’s All About The Money

Read Ambassador Watch’s segment and a link on the charismatic group Hillsong. I regretfully inform Gavin that their television program can be seen here in Canada on the Burlington, Ontario based CTS (Crossroads Television Service). It is chilling to discover that the dark side of American religion (especially charismatic-Pentecostal) on Aussie soil. I have always thought that Australians would have none of that and were more demanding that religion be more rational (if not cerebral). Well, I guess I have to discover time and time again, nobody’s pefect. After reading Gavin’s post and glancing the article linked to it, I went to and found some good videos from Hillsong detractors. Their theme is this, Hillsong: It’s All About The Money.  Here is their video log. I got some select videos right here (quite neatly done!). I hope you get a feel of what they are all about: the money.

One of my favourites from Genesis

I have been a long time fan of the music group Genesis and I have always loved Phil Collins during my teen years. Yes, growing up in the WCG there was one minister who had to a be a spoiler at a Bible study was preaching how Phil’s song, “One More Night” was an evil song amongst other ’80’s songs he did not like. Here I present a still relevant video from Genesis about those who exploit Jesus and Christianity and into a sick money-making business. Still relevant today as it was  then in the early ’90’s. Enjoy!

Special treat to celebrate my exodus from the WCG

Later this month, it will be 9 years that I left the Worldwide Church of God but it started as a “leave of absence” back in late October 1998. I had enough of the confusion after the upheaval created back in 1995. I finally came a hold of then-Ed Mentell’s Painful Truth back in 1997 and was revealed some scandalous activities of the founding leadership (which churned my stomach). I learned later on  that the Worldwide Church of God leadership regardless of who was (or is) in power thrives on confusion. Stability and order be damned was their attitude. This is very typical of cults, they need their members on a constant state of alertness and will cruelly mock any person who asks for any kind of stability saying, “If you want stability, you might as well be dead,” as one local elder who was always sarcastically sharp tongued(and proud of it) replied to me. Leaving the Worldwide Church of God was then one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made in my life but my mom who left a year before I did was happy and a chorus of other who left along were darn glad that I left. In the process I discovered who were my real friends and those who were just using (and/or manipulating) me.  There is one thing good that came out of this. I am a lot more suspicious of religious leaders and dogmas of any church, denomination or fellowship more than ever before.  I don’t swallow much  what is said anymore, I analyze it through the teeth! Any religious figure who has an aggressive agenda who demands my submission to him or his dogma, instead of showing mutual respect is in deep serious trouble to say the least.  I picked the song from The Who, “We Don’t Get Fooled Again” is a personal anthem for me for the rest of my life and I thanks to, I get to play it here on this blogsite. May this be anthem for many more people who were victims of religious deception. This is your day to be a victor!