Intelligent Quote of The Day

 Institutionalists fear freedom for the individual and don’t trust God to lead individuals to make loving choices. So, it must be imposed from above.

It’s also ironic. In US politics, conservatives–a huge block being Christians who support such institutions–are always rallying around the cry for freedom. But in their churches, they squelch freedom.

—Progressive Christian blogger Michael Camp of  Deep Thought Pub giving his two cents on Christianity vs. Churchianity.

Two Sane Christians

My friend and fellow blogger James Pate will like this. In his review of Michael Camp’s 31 Reasons for Being Post Evangelical, here’s James with his approach to U.S. presidential canidate Rick Perry:  He has a certain charm, but he exemplifies so many things that I hate about evangelicals.  His whining about persecution for his faith comes to mind.  And I don’t care what his apologists say: he was hosting that prayer rally to get evangelical votes.  I mean, he announced his Presidential run not long after it. Not a bad assessment. Also I do have a bone to pick with Rick Perry’s wife who sometime ago was lamenting that her husband was being “persecuted” by the media because of his “evangelical” faith. Reality check. There is a difference between ridiculed and being persecuted. The media is ridiculing him, what happened in Egypt where Muslim tensions against Coptic Christians not too long ago is persecution. Being crushed like a cockroach by a millitary tank because of your faith is far more serious than being taunted by an obnoxious media.  Any sane person will prefer to be taunted as opposed to be squashed to one’s death mercilessly. Though both are not desirable, with being taunted by a media, you live another day (and if you got steel in your spine you can fight back verbally—where in other parts of the world fighting back verbally can mean you can also lose your life).  So when some American Evangelicals cry “persecution”—-it makes you wonder are they just complaining that their long held “entitlements”  that they are been long accustomed to are being challenged—or have they been actually arrested, beaten,raped, tortured by the state or a powerful opressive religion? Make no mistake, I am proud of the Judeo-Christian heritage North America has but I think it’s time Evangelicals recognize that the Judeo-Christian heritage also extends beyond it’s Evangelical ghetto. Let me hold back no further and  show a clip via You Tube of two sane, reasonable and intelligent ladies giving their two cents about the Perry candicacy and offer for him to use his spirituality to unite America as opposed to polarize America. America has had enough of the latter, it’s time for an approach from the former.