20 Years ago in the summer of ’87


Thank God, that the first day of fall in Toronto was summer-like and the whole week is bound to be somewhat that way. 20 years ago this summer back in 1987 I was highly recommended from my then-WCG pastor Neil Earle to go to SEP (Summer Educational Program). As of course the picture shows I did–from July to early August. Met a lot of interesting people to say the least. Interested in a few ladies but safe to say most of them have been married to someone else in the years (and past two decades) after camp.  Where I am I? I am the young 17 year old kid on the right on the last row with a great big smile! On another row next me, I am not far from Neil Palimino who attended my neighbour church Toronto East (he’s covering smile of fellow Kansan Adam Gifford).  The counsellors are Doug Orban on the left and Tim Heine on the right. The rest of the class of ’87, you know who you are! Feel free to drop a line and tell how life is in 2007 anytime guys!