A Complicated Man: About Charles Darwin


 I found this article in on the British-based Times OnLine about Charles Darwin (author of Origin of Species which gave way to the scientific theory of evolution). He wasn’t the proto-Richard Dawkins that the New Atheists would like to  think nor he was the satanist (I say this in jest) that the “true believers” of religious faith would like to think.  Simply put, a very intelligent man who thought of life in very complex terms.

An excerpt of The Times OnLine reads, “…Darwin was too interesting, too careful a thinker to be caricatured in these ways. He was a Christian and yes, he did lose his faith. But he was never an atheist. He engaged in religious debate with friends but confessed to being in a hopeless “muddle”. He agonised over whether the exquisite beauty of life on earth was worth the pain of natural selection. He hated religious controversy and was deeply respectful of others’ views. He took upon himself the duties of a country parson whilst living at Downe and contributed to the South American Missionary Society. And, to top it all, he often doubted whether, his mind being evolved, he could even trust it in such matters. All in all, he was too complex, too subtle a man to be left to the polemicists.”

Here is the link to the article which has some very interesting quotes from Charles Darwin at http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/faith/article4772296.ece.