A Blast from the Past

I took a picture of a drawing I did when I was 15 years old in the great decade of the 1980’s. I was a dedicated teenage participant in the historic Worldwide Church of God. My mother was hosting  The Night Much to Be Observed (or Remembered) at her home. At that time the historic WCG ruled that they were going to have that type of format where it was a home event as opposed to a one congregation assembly event in which was the case for many years. The Night Much To Be Observed (or Remembered) was held after the night of the Passover communion and it was to remember the exodus of Israel from Egypt. Some people would argue there is no sense for Christians in remembering the Jewish exodus. I disagree. Imagine if Pharaoh had his way with the Israelites and I’m talking genocide—how do you think the Messiah, Yeshua—Jesus could have came into being (forget the silly notion that he could have arrived in ancient Rome)? To remember the exodus is to remember God’s preservation of His people from the evil of Pharaoh to lay the foundation and to prepare the way of Messiah. Grace Communion International (the superseding denomination of WCG) in general no longer has this practice but Messianic Jewish congregations have a similar practice called “The Passover Seder”—which means the order of the Passover and believe you me that is a very lengthy service (approximately 3 hours or even more) which starts in the evening and continues into well after midnight. If you’re interested be prepared to fork at least $40.00 to cover expenses but it is worth it if you are going to a Messianic Passover Seder for the very first time.