Word to Mr.Meeker and the UCG Council of Elders

I am NOT going to go in depth about the latest debacle in the United Church of God and Mr.Joel Meeker’s complaint. Read Gavin Rumney’s blog and J’s blog. They have all the details about it.  About a year ago, I crafted some solutions to get this organization out of a rut and stop going into circles as they have (and seem to perversely enjoy) for over 13 years!

I am giving this Mr. Meeker and the UCG Council of Elders ONE MORE (and LAST) chance to shake up the organization. All they gotta do is read this here at: http://xcg.kingary.net/index.php?id=882 (Gary Scott’s defunct XCG blog). Yeah, yeah, it was posted over a year but it is still damn relevant in 2008! As I have said before, XCG ministers are well known for their non-listening skills as a virtue, never vice. If this attitude remains, it is high time it’s congregants wake up and GET OUT!!! If this was a time for an exodus in UCG, the time is NOW! To waste a minute more is simply tragic!  I seriously pray for that day to happen and soon! May the congregants of the UCG find true spiritual freedom and have a real chance to say, “This our house and we will serve the Lord!”