The Protestant Revolution, Part I


300tristram_huntThank God for the BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation). When it comes to the news, even some shows, television movies and yes documentaries, they get it! Bar none! The four part 2007 mini-series documentary on The Protestant Revolution, hosted by British scholar Dr. Tristram Hunt is no exception. This documenary splendidly articulates that if you live in the western world, protestantism (whether consciously or subconsciously) has effected every facet of a person’s life. Those of an XCG background must also realize that yes, the historic Worldwide Church of God, though it argued and railed against protestantism has it’s roots in protestantism (thankfully the evangelical WCG despite it’s flaws has finally come to understand this). Those in the XCGs today would probably do themselves good by recognizing that heritage instead of violently resisting and denying that heritage of which they have for so long. I present to you Part I of the series which is titled “The Politics of Belief”. Stick around when I present Part II in which how Protestantism in it’s early stages changed the worldview on human sexuality (which was far, far, better than the Catholic worldview hands down).