Prayers needed for Joni and (still more) for Ron Dart


I want to thank Richard Burkard for the tip:

Some of you may be familiar with Joni Earickson Tada — the quadriplegic woman who turned her disaster in a lake as a teenager into a ministry which has inspired countless numbers of people.  She’s quite well-known in mainstream evangelism.

Joni revealed on her five-minute radio program Thursday (it aired in my city a day late) that she has breast cancer, and will be undergoing surgery Monday.  Her statement made the news website I was checking at the time seem quite irrelevant.

Joni expressed faith God will use even this situation to do “big things.”  I’m praying she’s right.

By the way, Here’s the 1979 trailer of her life story “Joni” starring herself!

It is now Tuesday, it is my hope and prayer that things were okay (operation wise) and that Joni will fight this dreaded disease of cancer.

Pam Dewey of The Nitpicker’s Guide To The Galaxy fame has updated Ron Dart’s condition as well.

To clear up some rumors that are currently circulating, Ron had another fall on Saturday morning after he was left unattended by a nursing home employee. As a precaution, he was transported by ambulance to ETMC for a CAT Scan. The CAT Scan was negative, but he was held overnight as a precaution.

It is also my hope and prayer that Ron Dart will be restored to respectable health too. God be with both.