COMMENTARY: I hope the Obama victory will destroy Armstrongism


barack-obama-1If you will look at my other blog The Way I See It Anyway, I discuss my joyous and intense feelings over President-elect Barack Obama’s victory. Yes, I am centre-right on the political spectrum but have been disgusted with excesses of the Republican party and sadly disappointed with the failed policies (and I will even dare to say incompetence) of the Bush administration. I look forward to a time when the religious fundamentalists, market fundamentalists, social darwinists, crypto-racists and bigots and all other polarizing figures are purged from the party and the Republicans will follow once more follow the conservatism of Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D.Eisenhower and my favourite Jack Kemp. Until then…

I can safely assume many of the conservative splinters of Armstrongism are spinning a negative view on the Obama victory. Trust me when I was 13-14 years old back in the early to mid 80’s, an assoicate pastor said at a Sabbath Bible Study that a Jesse Jackson presidency will spark a black uprising. The splinters today are probably saying, “The Gentiles are taking over Israel and are bringing it down to ruin.”  It seems they forget that Barack Obama’s mother was white—or do they believe in that “one drop of black blood” nonsense? It seems they do.  Their crypto-racist interpretation on the identity of Israel clouds anything positive of this event. They would rather see African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian and South Asian Americans eating the crumbs at the bottom of the table of a white northern European elite. There reasoning is, “We are Israel, we are supposed to rule over the Gentiles.” It seems they forget that in the old testament, it talked about when the non-Israelite came into their gates, they were to be treated as the Israelite. Again this is their perverse version of pick and choose with the scriptures. I see a future that ALL Americans are at the table eating the meal treated equally, no one eats the crumbs. What is wrong with that vision? It is too radical for some.

Also some of the radical Armstrongite groups are preparing their end-time scenerios. As being hard-right ultra conservative Republicans as they really are (you’ll find a few Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and even Kemp Republicans there) are saying,”The end is nigh, clean up your act!” Interestingly enough when Clinton, a Democrat came into the scene in the 1990’s the Worldwide Church of God was beginning to disintegrate. I don’t know if it was interrelated but it was interesting to notice. Will an Obama presidency disintegrate the splinters to oblivion in the 2010’s. Let me answer what Obama says, “Yes we can!” How can he? Will he sponsor legislation targeting mind controlling groups. That’s a start (I would love to shake his hand if he considers the thought) but I am thinking that if he has a successful presidency (and trust me the first term he will get will be tough and challenging. Sadly for him this is not an easy time like let’s say Eisenhower had) which means he is given a second term in 2012 and somewhere in his second term, the economy is strong, America has respect in the world again, we are having real victories on the war on terror, etc., etc.—it will be MY hope and prayer that some members are going to be using their heads just for once in their lifetimes and will be tempted in a good way (I hope the US economy will be back at least in 2015) to finally enjoy the good life instead of giving 30% + their income to their leaders and finally recognize, “Hey, we’re still here! Where’s the beast power?” Man I can smell it, I can taste and I can shout through the rooftop, “Yes we can!” Yes, it my prayer to see Armstrongism virtually eliminated in the 2010’s (I believe there will be a small wacko but insignificant rump still around throughout the century) as the Armstrong Empire was beginning to disintegrate in the 1990’s.

Oh yes my prayers are with President-elect Obama and his family and with Vice-President-elect Biden. My best wishes for them is to have a successful administration and be protected from danger. God bless them and God bless the United States of America.