Don Boys and his take on Calvinism

I come home from at night from a good hard day’s work surfing the internet and was going over a web site called Canada Free Press  and looking over the religious section and I discovered an article by the name of Don Boys. He talks about his displeasure about the Emergent Church movement and gives his two cents worth( I discovered he has his own website. He is truly a religious rightie and proud of it! He even thinks George Bush is a heretic and is too vulgar (for goodness sake Texans are earthy for cryin’ out loud! Deal with it!).   It is no secret that I have concluded that Martin Luther King Jr. was a socialist (a Canadian NDP type, sorry my Republican friends in the U.S.)— but Don Boys, a former member of state legislature in Indiana evaluates Dr.King as a godless heretical Marxist who makes Bill Clinton look like a family friendly Stephen Harper! At least Mr.Boys prefers a holiday for Booker Washington (a 19th century black rugged individualist and educator) instead of Dr.King anyday. My friend Shay of the namesake blog Booker Rising at least can agree to a holiday for Booker Washington!

What I really, really, really want to talk about on Mr.Boys’ website is a splendid article on Calvinism. Most of what is written I actually have no problem with. It is also no secret that I have had trouble with the doctrine of Calvinism and it’s doctrine of predestination. I have had no problem with their view on a sovereign God and eternal security—one saved, kept saved. Calvinism’s decree of predestination makes God a puppet master for the human race. As a consequence, mankind is not really able to choose for himself to follow and to be with God. In Calvinism God only chooses the elect, the rest are lost. The article touches a little bit on John Calvin’s theocracy in Geneva in the 16th century. Thank God I was not there. You thought Armstrongist theocracy was bad…you ain’t seen nothing yet what John Calvin did. Frankly, I think Calvin if alive would have had contempt for some of the freedoms that Americans, Canadians and other western democracies have. Also you will understand that without the 4th century theologian Augustine (he too was quite a character and I don’t mean that as complimentary either)—Calvinism wouldn’t have got that springboard it needed so badly. Also thanks to Augustine and Calvinist theology, they provide no righteous provision for the unevangelized dead. If you didn’t get a chance in this life to know Jesus, too bad—tell that to somebody who gives a fuzz! To me, I take that verse in scripture very seriously—that God wants NOBODY to perish—but for ALL to come to repentence! As I have repeated many times on this blog, I have believed and still do believe that God WILL NOT under any circumstances will accept anyone who have explicitly rejected Him and continue to do evil into His eternal fellowship. So if anyone still wants to accuse me of universalism—they lose again.

If Don Boys and I cross each other in the political world, I will say on this—I will be Mr.Boys personal John McCain—a pure maverick, a thorn in the side and proud of it! I guarantee it.

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