Can’t those who speak for God be a little humble?

Sometimes I just wish that those who claim to speak for God Himself can be a little more humble when they speak. Just because they speak for God (or claim to), just doesn’t mean you can say anything what comes out of your head or say it anyway you want. It doesn’t mean you say, “facts,data and research be damned, I am just going to let The Holy Spirit speak through me!” In my opinion that is just being plain lazy (and I’m just being polite).  Yes, I detest political correctness and hate it like Jesus hates sin but I ask what about speaking the truth in love?  Long time televangelist preacher Pat Robertson, in my opinion, just does not get it! After all these years, it just seems he does NOT want to get it! He makes stupid, careless and judgemental comments about former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke was punishment from God for him giving the West Bank to the Palestinians or suggesting the Hugo Chavez be assassinated—something that Tony Soprano would blush—so basically Pat Robertson can get greedy his hands in Venezula’s oil supply and this latest statement about the Haitians made a pact with the Satan the devil in the 1700’s, so they can get their freedom from slavery and this pact has brought poverty upon them ever since. Where does he get this information up? It is likely legend and hearsay. There is no hard data or evidence to support this claim? This man could care less to give any! He could have given some hard, cold, solid facts from a book called Central Liberal Truth.  Read the part about the island of Hispaniola, which contains two countries Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It discusses why Hait’s so poor and the D.R. is prosperous. There is no scripture quoting, no Bible thumping her just plain data—which Pat seems hate with the passion. This is one of the reasons why I have my distate for the excesses charismatic-Pentecostal theology and it’s anti-intellectualism is very odious. Thank God for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and the  Haiti Ambassador to the U.S. in these clips below to set the record straight! As like everyone else, I give my thoughts and prayers for recent tragic incident in Haiti this past Tuesday. I can only pray that something equally good can come out of it.