Something a little different: Glenn Campbell and wife perform at Messianic Jewish congregation

Enough of pseudo-celebrities like Ron Weinland and let’s talk about some real celebrities—-actually believing celebrities (for those who thought I was going to talk about Snooki, take a breather, I am not but if I was, I’d be giving her some good ol’ fire and brimstone)! A good ol’ celebrity like Glenn Campbell famous country singer (Southern Nights, Rhinestone Cowboy). Yep, that one. What about him?  I was surprised that him and his wife had an interest in Messianic Judaism for some time now. Both of them performed in a Messianic congregation a couple years ago. My prayers, of course for Mr. Campbell as he is 76 and is battling Alzheimer’s disease but his soldiering on in spite of he is disease is remarkable. Enjoy the clip.