Caricatures of Adventists

It’s always amazing which one finds on the internet. Thank God it never ceases to be fascinating. Here is one blog that one cartoonist who make caraciatures of prominent Seventh Day Adventists. In Spectrum magazine (actually the blog version), the anonymous cartoonist had something insightful to say when he was asked this particular question:

Q: What is the purpose of your caricatures? What do you hope to accomplish by posting them on your blog?

A: Sometimes I get the feeling that Adventism takes itself way too seriously. If we’re not busy keeping the law, we’re noting how others break it.

And if we’re not concerned with legalism, we’re busy getting ready for that great waking up morning. And if not that, then perhaps trying to increase tithe giving and membership and evangelistic efforts and on and on. But in the process, we don’t seem to be giving “fun” a fair shake, a lot of the time. I want to give levity a voice. And frankly, the Give & Take page of the Adventist Review doesn’t always get the job done for me. Besides all that, I need some sort of artistic outlet or I drive my poor spouse nuts!

For us former WCGers and XCGers this sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? I am surprised that no one has yet done caraciature drawings yet of XCGers—former and present. Actually, I am planning at some stage to do one later on this year. I won’t tell you who the person is—I want to pleasantly surprise you. For those who want to read the Spectrum article , read it here  and his blogsite at  and enjoy!