Best wishes for Gary Scott and Goodbye XCG

Life can be so busy with so many committments and duties it can be hard to keep with all of them sometimes. I recently was looking at XCG website, didn’t know the reason why it wasn’t taking more comments  and of course, a strange article called “Mr.Scott has left the building”. Then it all came together—rather pretty recently! At this moment in time I want to give a personal thanks to Gary on his part for putting me on his team of contributors and putting me on the map of the who’s who X-WCGers.  I am eternally grateful and I wish Gary Scott in any new ventures or assignments that he may take and more important of all, congratulations to Gary on the birth of his baby daughter. I wish Gary all the best on this new journey of his life, where he provides all the needs for his child for the next 18 to 21 years. Just a small wish for Gary, please e-mail or drop a comment here anytime! We want to know how you’re doing. There is life after the WCG and life more abundantly. Gary Scott is another example of that. Blessings to him.