Intelligent quote of the day

suffering_sovereignt13c487_3.jpg  Ahhh…nothing keeps the peasants dulled and immobile as telling them that suffering is a part of life, nay, a part of being a Christian. Clasp your hands together and bear it, just as Jesus once did. Suffering is your lot in life. Suffering is a constant, to be expected. Suffering is even from God, or allowed by God. Suffering is to be born, a mere passing physical discomfort on this Foul Earth, but keep your eyes on your true goal, the Afterlife. Keep plowing for the Nobles and the King. Keep harvesting for The Church. To suffer and die is your lot in life, a joy that God grants to you in that it teaches Valuble Lessons.

I find this notion to be evil. I destroys the will of man, it destroys the urge to strive, to create, to achieve. It destroys the sense of self worth.

Paul, participant of Shadows of WCG message board critiques Calvinist John Piper’s view (and others who agree) on suffering  and critiques Christians who over-emphasize “the other world” instead of focusing on eliminating suffering and evil in the now.