Ian Boyne: Religious Hardtalk!

This is the Jamaican version of Michael Coren—Ian Boyne who has a controversial show on Television Jamaica called “Religious Hardtalk”. If you are looking for some thing that is safe, nice, sweet, saccharine, unfunny pretending as humourous and politically correct; may I suggest the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) for  your tastes. For those who don’t know who Ian Boyne is, he is a Jamaica-based journalist who was a member of the historic Worldwide Church of God, now a member of the late Garner Ted Armstrong’s off-shoot The Church of God, International but those who have left the XCGs do not let that intimidate you—not even for a second. This man’s a pretty independent thinker and he’s darn proud of it. He does not skip  to anybody’s drum. In my books, “HE’S MY KIND OF PEOPLE!” He had an interesting view on the destiny of the unevangelized dead on Gavin’s old blog a long time ago, I had offered my counterpoints to them.  I will direct you to a two-part series when he deals with a Church of God (Seventh Day) “scholar” by the name of Joy PenroPenrose-Davis who promotes the Arianist view on the nature of Jesus Christ. The first episode, Ms.Penrose-Davis states her case and in the second episode, Ian Boyne refutes the claims.  Hey I will even kick in this article for futher back-up. Also you want something a lot more controversial, something you will NOT see ever on the CBC, here is an episode of a minister discussing her past as a “former lesbian” and drug dealer having a spiritually transformed life in Christ. I know many gays (even LGBT Christians included) here in continental North America might take some issue with her views and testimony. You might not agree with many or all of her conclusions but Ian Boyne is always about fair hearing and debate. Something we need here in continental North America (Canada and the United States).