Bill Maher corrected by Andrew Sullivan

 Me and Joe finally seen Bill Maher’s movie Religulous last weekend. Yes, as I predicted, Joe truly had a feast.  Though true believers (and I use that in a negative connotation) would rebuke me for seeing it, I also enjoyed it and I did think at times Bill was asking some good questions (they may be uncomfortable questions—but I say TOUGH!), though he may have been sarcastic at times (you can see the glum faces with some of the interviewees with his quips!). I give this movie two thumbs up. Does Bill go to far at times? Probably. Some of  you who may object to Bill Maher completely may feel a little elated watching this, a clip from September 20th’s episode of Bill Maher’s show on HBO Real Time (I don’t want to rub it in James Pate’s face, as of recently we in Canada now have HBO Canada which has Bill’s show but I don’t have HBO Canada!). Andrew Sullivan, a libertarian-conservative bloggist and a gay Roman Catholic (now I have Darren something else to jump about!) gives a piece of his mind telling Bill Maher that it’s imperative that he needs to distinguish bad faith and good faith and to stop lumping it together in a bigoted fashion under no uncertain terms. Sorry Bill, Andrew is right and I even went far to back up Andrew Sullivan on his Facebook fan site.