Another blast from the past: The late Stan Rader on the late great Tom Snyder Show (NBC)

You might grown up in the WCG:

As a young child you believed that the movie Raiders of The Lost Ark was Mr.Rader’s idea.

Then you grew up and challenged the validity of the late former WCG treasurer Stanley R. Rader’s claims.  You can go here to the late great John Trechak’s  Ambassador Report on the 411 of the Rader claim. Also the late John Snyder (I remember him very well in my 20’s on CBS) asks some pretty tough but fair questions on the validity of Rader’s claim. As I said, I remember Tom Snyder on CBS (did not remember him on NBC) back in the ’90’s  and trust me, he was more a gentleman to Rader than he was to Christian Coaliton’s Ralph Reed. I apologize for the quality in some of the clips as it was recorded by a station that was received by antenna. Enjoy!