Notes and clips

The tirade against the religious stupidity of Pat Robertson continues on this blog, I will direct you to Father Orthoduck’s blog OrthoCuban where he apologizes for this man’s stupidity right here.  Kansas-based Libertarian Christian Scott Nemeth rightly points out the hypocritical past of Pat Roberson and while Pat Robertson may bitch about a part of his past exposed, it is well deserved because if you tell people to do one thing and do another, it is simply fair game. In other words, practice what you preach!

Also this past weekend marked 24 years since the passing of the founder of the Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong. While the founder used to make cheap shots about those “pagan” Christians believing going to heaven when they die.  HWA, who was not a trained theologian (but acted otherwise but that’s neither here nor there), had no knowledge that heaven also means “the presence of God”.  Well I have always believed that there is always a cost for false witness and false prophecy and even the cost can have eternal consequences. This long time article from The Painful Truth here explains. Also make sure you read J of Shadows of WCG regarding the Armstrong Empire and the impact or (or lack of)  on the  world in general.

Also from the Painful Truth website, another person’s story of life in the historic Worldwide Church of God and life more abundantly after the WCG (though it can be bumpy like this person’s story)is told. I will be turning 40 Sunday (I can’t believe it—but it’s coming), this person’s story at least gave me hope about career changes and life truly beginning at 40! The title of the story is Believing the Unbelievable: In and Out of Fanaticism.

Okay guys (maybe some gals), I watched The Book of Eli this past Saturday night and only to say it rocked! Why I am I putting a clip in my religious as opposed to my current affairs blog? See the movie. If you care about reading and literacy in a free society, all the more to see it. Enjoy! Did I mention Mila Kunis is in this movie too?


Here’s the man that Christian fundamentalists have a real field day hating. They blame this man for all the troubles in the world in the 20st and 21st century. For those who can see past two-dimensional characters, here is a movie trailer about Charles Darwin starring British actor Paul Bettany and his wife Jennifer Connolly. The title of the upcoming movie is Creation. I have stated that it is possible to be a practising Christian and believe in evolution. Last year in my blog I mentioned about Dr.Francis Collins who fits the perfect example. The Roman Catholic Church (despite their flaws), Eastern Orthodoxy and mainline Protestant churches have had no hang up with the theory of evolution.  Most (Yes Byker Bob, let the word most be emphasized because I know I cannot use the word “all“) Evangelical Christians and their fundamentalist counterparts are the ones the main objectors to this theory. Without further adieu, here’s the trailer.