Needed: Some American Common Sense!

My fellow blogger Carson T.Clark from Musings of A HardLine Moderate deserves an award for some American Common Sense! In a conversation on Facebook a while ago, he makes an astute observation on the state of the nation and everybody regardless of partisan label or stripe needs to held accountable for the stagnation of the beloved country of the United States. He states:

“There was a time when I would’ve loved to be president someday. Seriously, that was a dream. Now? You couldn’t pay me enough money. Not only am I too low energy, introverted, middle-class, and contemplative for such a position, but I’d immediately piss off everyone:

– Progressives by criticizing their fiscal irresponsibility and naive worldview.
– Conservatives by criticizing their self-centered lack of compassion and militant worldview.
– Moderates by calling them out on their general disillusionment, apathy, and lack of principle.
– Politicians by bucking party allegiances.
– Voters by criticizing their rampant idiocy.
– The media by berating the decline of journalistic standards and constant bifurcation of issues.
– etc.

No, my role is to be prophetic voice (forthtelling, not foretelling) that refuses to be co-opted by anyone. Besides, my love nowadays is for the Church, not the state.”

Carson, I wish you would change your mind about running for public office in the near future. We need people who value the Judeo-Christian heritage of which the U.S. was founded but they don’t need another Michelle Bachmann “theocon”. We need those who are open minded the to the more scientific origins of the earth as opposed to religious reactions (intelligent design, young earth creationism) to those facts.  We need those who are concerned by about the environment and don’t view it as “treehugging” all the time. We need those who are not obsessed with legislating morality but living a good moral life and setting the standard  for others. What I’m saying Carson is that America needs more American Common Sense!