My hope and prayer for the hundreds of thousands trapped in Armstrong: Freedom!

ist2_2976099_broken_chain_iv.jpgAs those who have been reading my posts of late, I am hoping to continue a series of posts on the issue of “Why The Churches of God Will Not Reunite Redux”, an dramatic revision of on article that appeared (and still appears on Richard Burkard’s website).  As I re-write the article in the coming months, it is my hope that those who will read the posts will see my stand on freedom and a firm, unbending and unyielding belief that “freedom” is from God and desires his creation to be free. The wicked of religion of Armstrongism is perversely opposite that revolutionary concept. It hates freedom, hates liberty and is extremely anti-life (to some degree a culture of death) and prides itself that total mindless robotic submission is the end all and be all of life’s achievement. What a sad way to live. There is hope and there is a true way of escape (and thank God it’s not Petra—and it is spiritual rather than physical). One young man in the Church of God, International found freedom.  This is old news but it is still good news.  This article about this man’s journey  at is still in inspiring in 2007 as it was in 2004. May it continue to inspire for the years and decades ahead. It is my hope and prayer that many enslaved in Armstrongism and it’s dark culture will find freedom because they were inspired by articles like this. I pray that hundreds of thousands in record numbers will have a similiar path like this man. Let the liberation begin! Viva La Revolucion!