Very good advice!

If you have been a long time member of Armstrongism and it’s various splinters, for many long and grueling years it is probably high time to consider this advice. This was originally aimed at the far-left secularists in the U.S. (and other western democracies) who want to take faith away from anything and everything public. No exceptions! This also applies to those in the XCGs who usually have a far-right theocratic fundamentalist worldview, too. Both seem to not mind being born party poopers. While the rest of us who see many shades of gray and don’t think ONLY in absolutes  would like to enjoy life from a very hectic and busy lifestyle.







Oh by the way, you might want to listen to the audio clip of  that radical leftist, black liberation theologian, a disciple of Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright, the one who said that the Bible has equal weight to the Koran, the Tao and every holy book who destroyed the God’s Church and threw it into heresy in that fateful year 1995! Well for those who live in the real world and don’t let paranoid imaginations dominate our thinking process, this African American pastor is a conservative (I’d say very conservative) in his theology and it if you don’t know anything about Reformed Theology of which his post-WCG theology is, here’s something on wikipedia  to get started on. Mr. Earl H. Williams in this audio clip is presenting a “third way”  on the Christmas issue by saying “worship Christ, but not Christmas. I hope those will give it a listen and hear another point of view that may be different from their own.  Listen here and enjoy!

A darn good article


As I have said before the Christmas season is coming and many of the Church of God splinter groups will come in to full gear attacking every aspect of the holiday. There is an article from Dr. Dwight Pryor of Centre for Judaic-Christian Studies in Ohio which is (I feel) strikes  a balance from the strident millitant anti-Christmas spirit that Armstrongists seek to vigourously impose on the rest of the world and the consumerist (and even pagan) aspects that are promoted by society which are pressured on most of us. His article on his website is called Christmas: “Hallelujah” Praise or “Humbug” Paganism . A word of caution, make sure you save and copy this article in your files (like I did) because this article is released on Dr.Pryor’s site for a “limited” time, meaning after the Christmas season, he will take it off his website until next Christmas season in 2008.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2009: It seems he hasn’t taken down the site yet. Make sure you download and copy anyway!