Tim Russert 1950-2008: A good journalist, a good father, a good Catholic (that means Christian) and a great American!


Friday night coming home from a good hard days work, I was suddenly informed about the death of NBC’s Meet The Press moderator Tim Russert at age 58 of a heart attack. I could not help being shocked of this tragedy and felt sadness that I had lost a friend. I never met Mr.Russert (on this side of heaven but hope to meet him on the other side—at least 40 to 50 years from now God-willing!) but I have always sensed that there was a positive aura about this man and tributes from his friends and colleagues supported this.  If any man was pro-children (especially in this day and age) it was Tim. Wikipedia.com stated, “Russert also contributed his time and to numerous Catholic charities. He was particularly devoted and concerned for the welfare of street kids in the United States and children whose lives were lost in gun violence.[24] He told church workers attending the 2005 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering that “if there’s an issue that Democrats, Republicans, conservatives and liberals can agree on, it’s our kids.”   Tim did not just talk the talk but walk the walk with his only child Luke raising him to up to be a fine young man and a graduate from college.

All politicians from all sides of the political spectrum has praised Tim Russert acknowledging that he was “tough but fair”. He was not interested in “gotcha” journalism or “scoring points”. His mind was waaay to broad for such petty adventures. His sole mission was to dig really deep to find the truth because the American viewer deserved such.

James Pate of “James Thoughts and Musings” firmly believes that the spirit of Tim Russert is counted among the saints in the city of God, the heavenly Jerusalem (Hebrews 12:22-23). As a believer, I don’t see a reason to contest James’ assessment. Tim Russert was a devout Roman Catholic and what I respect about them is that they take Apostle James (not Pate) admonition that faith without works is dead very seriously. In other words, if you are a believer in Christ—you need the works to show for it, lip service won’t do. Something I feel evangelical Protestants (as a collective) need to grasp (but that’s another topic for another time). Tim Russert walked the walk in his ethics and morality in treating his political  and other guests on Meet The Press and his other shows on MSNBC with dignity, respect and politeness–even showing love and care OUTSIDE the television studio, treated his own work as a service to others–not too raise is his own ego, raising a strong happy family and cared for the very young because they are the future amongst other things. For the rest of us who are still living,  Tim Russert set a wonderful example for all. Let us ALL, no matter what we believe (or not believe) strive to live that kind of selfless devotion. It will do humanity a dose of good.

Thank you Tim for your legacy and may your soul rest in peace.