Message board REOPENED!!!

Talk about a birthday surprise (I turn 39 today!)! The WCG Alumni message board that was closed yesterday, is REOPENED today!  The administrator, Peggy Dean tries to explain!

I’ve reopened this folder. There will be a few changes which I will make everyone aware of in a few days. I am thankful to have help in moderating. The help wants to stay anonymous.

Nothing in this folder has been removed, so hopefully everyone can continue posting. Other folders may be reopened with help in the future.

We do share a common bond and many of us have become good friends through the years.

I hope this works out well for everyone. I’ll check in from time to time, but really need a break.

Those who have posted for years, let’s say, are very happy of the change of mind and get a chance to hopefully participate for the extended time to come! I wish Peggy Dean and her posters well. May she take care of herself and may they all take care of each other.