Another new blog: and that is a good thing to me!


Two blogs “As The Bereans Did” and “Shadows of WCG” have already introduced this new blog already but I think it’s a good idea to introduce it here as well. The more publicity, the better and I hope that this new blog will become just as successful as many other blogs by former X/WCGers and will last around a long time to serve for future people who want to recapture true sanity and embrace true freedom that is being denied to them  right now in their respective splinter group. The name of the new blog is aptly called “Escaping Armstrongism” by the name (actually pseudonym) of xHWA who on August 23rd of this year, officially ceased being an Armstrongite for 30 years. Amen! Another story of person’s journey from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His glorious Son! Here is what he had to say about his exit from his respective splinter group:

I insisted on going to services in order to see everyone one last time. I arrived dressed in my best. I made sure to give out as many hugs and hardy handshakes as possible. I got a cup of coffee and settled in for the sermon. When the coffee was gone, so was I. Quietly, I sneaked out the back door, and I am not going to return.

These were the people who were there when I was a child. They were at my wedding. They saw my wife and I through our pregnancies. Everyone was invited to my wife’s baptism. They were grandma and grandpa to our children. We went through agonizing church splits together. They loved us like their own. They were a closer family than my physical family. And I never wanted to have to go.

I didn’t set out to leave. This was no case of “exit theology” where I prepared for months and looked for a reason to go. I was studying into a false prophet whom I know very well, whom I call the “One Witnesses”, when I learned some very terrible information about Herbert Armstrong. I was completely unprepared for the scope and weight of what I would find. I realized that I cannot call one man a false prophet and give the far greater offender a pass. That would be respect of persons. After many long and painful discussions, my wife and I decided we couldn’t stay any longer.

This October of this year will mark my 10th anniversary from my personal liberation from the Worldwide Church of God. I understand what xHWA is going through when exiting an organization. It is a very lonely and painful decision in the short term but in the long term as one looks into hindsight, it was definately for the best. You may discover what you believe 10 years ago is quite a little (or perhaps substantially) different than what you believe now.

I support xHWA’s “support” of the Church of God (Seventh Day). Former blogger Douglas Becker and myself agreed that it is the best alternative for an XCGer coming out of Armstrongism. Like xHWA, I have the CG7 under the links section in my blog. I have stated before I have met CG7 Conference President Whaid Rose in 2000 when he visited Toronto. As I have said then and I will say now, he is a truly Christ-centred man and I still wish him a very, very long administration in his presidency. On WCG Alumni message board, xHWA had something positive to say about his CG7 visits:

If only my old friends back in the COG could feel what I feel now. You know, I have been going to the COG7 since I left my independent COG. I made sure to meet with the minister, and even though they have services on the Sabbath they do not do so as a matter of law. Our first visit was so weird, so… Protestant. I was totally in a new environment. But when the minister said “Jesus Christ is the most amazing gift you could possibly receive. How could you keep such a gift to yourself? Share that gift with others. Share Christ!” Immediately my joy boiled over. For the first time I felt … I don’t know… I don’t know how to put it into words. I had that massive joy, but this was something greater. I had the truth, I had joy, I had a church that got it. It was a combination of so many things at once. Well, I had to fight back a flood of emotion. In my former church, we were actually told not to share what we believed because no one else would get it, and we would just be ridiculed. I knew right then that I had to start something on the internet to do my part and share Christ.

People like myself and James Pate tend to be a bit more cerebral in our approach in our blogs. Not everybody can relate to that. xHWA feels a need to express more emotion (some will probably relate to him better) and in return, I am touched—greatly. I take very seriously the issue of people being repressed and oppressed. xHWA definately had those two things happen to him and his blog is in no doubt a wonderful story of his journey of his exodus from spiritual slavery to freedom.

Some smart-alec jerk (and you could see his bitter rant in What We Are All About section in my blog) questioned why I needed a blog and what about those who left all the XCGs and move on with their lives. Sadly he missed my point and just wanted to argue and attack. I will in no way let him dare argue this same question with xHWA. xHWA has moved on with his life (and may I say he is continuing to move on!) and the purpose of his blog is for those trapped in Armstrongism on HOW to move on. He has thousands upon thousands. He is game. I pray thousands upon thousands will seek his advice. I am waiting for every splinter leader has a dried up wallet and bank account (and be forced to get a real job and to literally work for a living!)! God speed that day and my best wishes to xHWA as his labour of joy is cut out of him!

I have linked Escaping Armstrongism here on my blog but I will give the website link here at:

New blogsite from Aggie


My friend who I met from J’s Shadows of WCG message board has a new blog aptly named Purplehymnal’s Weblog. Basically it’s discussing the Worldwide experience through the songs of that purlpe hymn book that us former Worldwiders are familiar with. Give it a look at