Right on Richard!!!


For those who haven’t looked in the comments section about Armstrongist Refuseniks post as of late, I will post this here:

Since you brought it up, you’re the first online to know — I’m taking my own leave of absence from UCG. I didn’t know you wrote that phrase before I used it to a group of brethren from my UCG congregation, at a Feast dinner Tuesday night.

The people in my congregation seemed understanding in person. Even my Pastor did, when I told him at the end of the Last Great Day service Thursday. (But he already knew about it, from the Local Elder who was at the Tuesday dinner.) We parted company with a hug.

I explained to all that my examination of other options could wind up being one long lap around the race track — and I could wind up back in UCG. I’m not leaving out that possibility. I’m praying God will lead me to the right place.

My first stop this weekend? I’ll call it Megachurch Baptist — which has a 5pm Saturday Bible study, a 6pm worship service (sundown’s 7:20pm here right now), and a potential new controversy over a change in its incorporation status. My city has no Seventh-Day Baptist, so this will have to do for now.

Richard, welcome to regaining your sanity that was stolen and very importantly welcome to freedom!  I look forward to hearing your current exploits. My advice, make that leave of absence from the UCG, a long, long, permanent leave and do not step back! God bless!