Intelligent quote of the day

 “Belong to” I think is a dangerous expression. I belong to no church because the church which is the body of Christ belongs to me. It was given to me as a free gift by Jesus when he died for me on the cross sacrificing that self same body.  So to me it is important to be non-denominational.

—Dougals Gresham, stepson of the late British Christian scholar C.S.Lewis and founder of Rathviden ministries expressing his view about his disbelief in denominations in the June-July 1998 edition of the British Plain Truth magazine


Intelligent quote of the day

My view on abortion is that you should not criticise a girl who has an abortion, or a man or woman who performs an abortion, or boy or man who makes an abortion seemingly necessarily, or any of these people, unless you are prepared to say to the girl who is pregnant, come and live with us, we will take care of you while you gestate your baby. We will if necessary teach you how to be a mother, help you get a job and even if necessary raise the baby. If you are not prepared to do that, then keep your mouth shut. Every Christian household in the world should be prepared to take any young, single, pregnant mother into their house and into their hearts and into their minds and into their arms. If they are not, well they should not criticise. Christianity is a costly business. It is not for wimps, this is not something you can take up casually.

—Doug Gresham, of Rathvinden Ministries and step son of the late, great British Christian scholar C.S. Lewis, giving his ardent opinion and approach to the abortion dilemma in the June/July 1998 issue of the British Plain Truth magazine.