More Dawkins

I discovered that Dr.Richard Dawkins had more interviews from his Root of All Evil series. The other smart British guy here is none other than liberal-progressive theologian and retired Anglican Bishop Richard Harries —uncensored and uncut, of course!  Controversial but interesting views shared indeed.

Two Smart British Guys

Alister McGrath and Richard Dawkins, being the polite Brits as they are, have a discussion (not a fight) about atheism, religion and science in Richard Dawkins’ documentary The Root of All Evil?. For those who already seen the documentary (I posted it on my old blog), the interview between McGrath and Dawkins did not make the final cut but now here is approximately 70 minutes of the interview, unedited and uncut.  May all feast away!


An answer to Dawkins’ Root of All Evil???

 Definately a hot topic. I found this on a website from–which picked this British documentary from The documentary is called The Trouble With Atheism hosted by British journalist Rod Liddle.  According to wikipedia, “The documentary focuses on criticising atheism, and science in general, for its perceived similarities to religion, as well as arrogance and intolerance. The programme includes interviews with a number of prominent scientists, including atheists Richard Dawkins and Peter Atkins and Anglican priest John Polkinghorne. It also includes an interview with Ellen Johnson, the president of American Atheists.”   May I add Alister McGrath (for those who know who he is) is interviewed. I know for sure some will disagree with Rod Liddle’s conclusions and I respect the right to dissent but what is not tolerated here is ad hominem or personal attacks on Mr.Liddle. Otherwise, I hope in some way the documentary will make people think, however small or big way.