It’s been 10 years this month!

From my liberation from the Worldwide Church of God back in late October 1998, which started as a leave of absence but later made this permanent departure. I can’t believe it has been a decade! WOW! Thank God Almighty in every sense of the word. At this time last year on this blog,  I have explained my thoughts and feelings leaving Worldwide and having an eternal vigilance and suspicion on ALL religious leaders. I am unbowed, unmoved and unyielding in those thoughts and feelings a year ago.  For me to soften up by now is simply not an option and as long as live on planet it remains not an option. Oh yes, I am going to celebrate again with another clip. Yes, it is again The Who and one of their masterpiece songs Won’t Get Fooled Again at a concert in the UK in 1978 (I believe shortly before Keith Moon’s passing, trivia for all those Who fans there). The song is not only a personal anthem for me but it is also a mitzvah (a commandment) that I will zealously obey as long as I live with ecstatic joy. May it be the same for future generations of people exiting the kingdom of darkness of Armstrongism.