Hillsong: It’s All About The Money

Read Ambassador Watch’s segment and a link on the charismatic group Hillsong. I regretfully inform Gavin that their television program can be seen here in Canada on the Burlington, Ontario based CTS (Crossroads Television Service). It is chilling to discover that the dark side of American religion (especially charismatic-Pentecostal) on Aussie soil. I have always thought that Australians would have none of that and were more demanding that religion be more rational (if not cerebral). Well, I guess I have to discover time and time again, nobody’s pefect. After reading Gavin’s post and glancing the article linked to it, I went to Youtube.com and found some good videos from Hillsong detractors. Their theme is this, Hillsong: It’s All About The Money.  Here is their video log. I got some select videos right here (quite neatly done!). I hope you get a feel of what they are all about: the money.

6 thoughts on “Hillsong: It’s All About The Money

  1. Oh, let’s face it: The formula for a successful religion is attractive people and Chri$tian Mu$ic. It’s all about the appeal to sex, the amygdala and the limbic system.

    An example of this appeal is Casey Treat, which you can see for yourself at:


    An attractive guy with a good looking wife, music and a message that brings hope, all packaged to fit in 45 minutes, in between busing the 10,000+ people in and out of the auditoriums, throw in programs for the teens, singles, married folk with young children and seniors, and you have yourself a winner.

    It’s Church Corporate at its finest.

    As opposed to other megachurches….

  2. Hillsong is like a machine churning through its members.
    A recent study showed a 50% turn over every 5 years.
    The prosperity gospel and the emphasis on health and wealth being the proof of piety has led many people to be ostracized from the church when they were not healed after a prayer from the minister(obviously not enough faith)
    Hillsong once posted on their website that mental illness was a sign of sin.

    Luckily they are still relatively small here in Australia. They are much more popular in the US and Europe but its still important to fight this Cult and others like it where you can
    There are many articles about Hillsong at the rickross foundation


    thanks for posting my videos

  3. You are entirely welcome! We are all in the struggle and cause in fighting mind control and cultism. Please visit here often as possible and comment here many times you like!

  4. ((Call me old fashioned, but church should be small.))

    Hey, if you are called old fashioned because you want a church that is a lot more personal and receptive to the members needs, so be it! Church should not be an impersonal corporate business but an extended family. Therefore, what you are proposing Mark makes perfect sense to me.

  5. Willow Creek says this about their history:

    “The genesis of Willow Creek goes back to the early 1970s, when a dynamic youth ministry was created at South Park”.

    South Park.

    How appropriate.

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