60 Minutes Rader interview now on Youtube (and still The Painful Truth website)

(This post will supersede the May 19,2009 post which is now deleted—The Editor)

You can find the late Stanley R. Rader interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes is now on Youtube and still on The Painful Truth website here and here. Some would say we should forget about it, it was 30 years ago and the new incarnation of the Worldwide Church of God, Grace Communion International is now a evangelical Christian church and no longer a cult (but it can be argued there may be systematic cultism but that’s neither here nor there). The fact is that there is at least over 200 splinters and off-shoots of the historic Worldwide Church of God and it’s leaders have absolutely no shame but arrogant pride in accepting the founding leadership’s mantle. Some of the people who are in the splinters may have had no contact with the historic Worldwide Church of God but had direct contact with the splinter, unaware about the events that happened during 1979-80 receivership crisis in then-WCG world headquarters in Pasedena, California. They need to know this, they need their eyes open to the truth. To do nothing and allow people to be filled with ignorant comfort is simply wicked. Thanks again Kscribe for producing the video together. Also Mike Wallace, you are my hero for exposing God-hucksterism, I hope retirement is serving you well. I wish someday that we will have the actual video matching the audio. You’ll know what I mean but until then…