Life After The World Mission Society Church of God

There are other sects and denominations that bear the name Church of God in some form. The interesting one that is about to be discussed, The World Mission Society Church of God was founded in Korea but has a  worldwide outreach which includes North America. One may think at first glance that this  is a happy, healthy, normal, mainstream denomination. Don’t let fancy impressions fool you. Those who wish to erase the demarcation line of the kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of cults should put aside their dangerous dreamy wishful thinking and start considering the necessity of that division and start respecting those who proclaim that necessity to protect The Body of Christ. There is a reason why I am NOT proclaiming my “progressive” and “tolerant” side on this topic and I do not plan to any time soon or ever. There are theological errors and yes, may I say that politically incorrect word “heresy”—not “abusive doctrines”, too politically correct—-which I feel only   tries to diminish the seriousness of the matter. In a society that seems to be fixated and obsessed on moral relativism and moral equivalency, we tend to ignore evil and excuse wrongdoing  with this limp wristed,sappy, soft, let’s all get along and love each other sentimentality (which is not true love and concern at all) makes me unleash my “inner Driscoll”!  Yes, it is serious! When lives and souls are at stake, there is no live and let live mentality (Galatians 1:6-8). Courtesy Youtube, a young woman discusses her experiences with this group and thankfully, found her way out. Yes, she`s been getting nasty comments from those still in the organization but I think people who hold to the essentials of historic Christian faith must stand by this young woman. Bravely and firmly.