A message board closed

Today, I was in for a big surprise for this notice on the WCG Alumni message board.

The Worldwide Church of God Alumni Board is closed. I hope that any who have been hurt by this board will accept my heartfelt and sincere apologies. Hopefully those that wish to stay in touch can contact each other through private email or meet on other boards. Many of us will think of each other often and remember sharing here and hopefully healing and learning from each other. I wish you all health and healing in your journeys. I have left the “Behind the Scenes” folder open, (this is an invisible folder). You will have to log in to see the folder.

Best wishes for the board administrator in whatever their new project may be.  I also accept the administrator’s collective apology for any hurts that have may arised from the board. Thankfully, it has only been one time and it is the last time. I wonder if some of the participants will rejuvinate some life back into Mark Tabladillo’s board Jesus Loves Fellowship. Now he’s been at it for OVER a decade!