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Freedom of  speech is not freedom [from] criticism. Freedom of religion is not freedom to religiously and emotionally abuse your kids. Tolerance is not staying silent while people hurt other people. People need to be aware of what fundamentalism is all about. The more voices that criticize it rationally; the more people who speak out with the consequences fundamentalism has had on their lives, the more maybe hurt people like my parents will think twice before getting involved in it.

The Redheaded Skeptic talking about her life long battle with Christian fundamentalism that was very costly in every sense of the word.

WTF—this is child abuse!!!

…and you know that WTF does not stand for “what the food production” but you know what! Thanks to blogger Ironwolf’s message board, I found  this strange ministry for children called Kidz In Combat. Here is one poster’s description of it and asks:

Does anybody else think this seems rather disturbing?
Has anybody seen anything like it before?





A special message from David Walters
Some people think that if kids die when they are young, they will go to heaven. They believe this, because they think kids are innocent, but they are wrong. We know that God loves kids, (the first thing He told Adam and Eve to do was to have kids.) God wanted kids to be like Him, but Adam and Eve, our great, great, great, great, etc. etc. grandparents messed up and so a lot of kids have turned up behaving more like the devil, than God.
 So Listen Kids
You don’t go to heaven because your cute. You don’t go to heaven because your a kid. You only go to heaven if you have had you’re sins washed in the blood of Jesus and you have made Him your Lord and Savior.

Found on this page :-

I found that statement very disturbing it seems like Mr.Walters has no care for Isaiah 7 where it discusses age of accountability.  I would love get Aggie and Russ to really let this guy David Walters really, really have it! Some people will question, “Well Felix, don’t you believe that Jesus is THE ONLY WAY to salvation???” Yes, I do—but I believe it is God that does the calling and God does the saving—not us puny humans who seem to have a need to make a “hellocentric” gospel to frighten people into God’s love. We should preach the “good news” and treat it as “good news”. My problem with a “hellocentric” gospel it makes the recipients neurotic at best and very narcissistic and self-absorbed at worst.  Exposing children under 12 to this nonsense does no one any good in the long run. This EXACTLY reminds what I saw in the documentary movie Jesus Camp.

When I have kids (hopefully in the next few years)—I don’t want them exposed to this nonsense either.  I can share the sentiment in Kid Rock’s song “Amen’ where he sings about being scared of sending his child to church. As one of the posters on Ironwolf’s blog rightly says, “Leave the kids alone, just let them be kids!” Trust me, if any church has a problem with that simple request (and that request is not that hard!)—I am having none of their defiance! None of it! Don’t test me!

 Here’s more assertions from the website:

Kids that have been in David Walter’s meetings have been anointed (used powerfully) by the  Holy Spirit to do great things for God. 
  We have seen kids shake, fall down, cry, and get right with God after they have heard the preaching and been prayed for the Holy Spirit to touch them.   
Many of them have seen angels, heaven and hell, and visions of Jesus. As the kids have got to know God in a real way, He has started to use them. Maybe God is calling you to be RADICAL, if so click on the word Join in the colored menu below. If you have already joined God’s army, click on the word Victory.These kids are being psychologically indoctrinated. Nothing more. I will even direct you to a site on my old blog where a video describes the Pentecostal movement is NOT of God and an ex-Pentecostal refutes this type of abuse. Here is the location at As with any Pentecostal-charismatic group, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!