Ben Mitchell’s WCG Experience on Aussie Current Affair

Hat tip to Gavin Rumney. Former WCG member, Aussie soap star of the hit series Neighbours, author and blogger, Ben Mitchell had his life story in the historic Worldwide Church of God on the Australian edition of A Current Affair. Gavin was hoping for many to see this clip as possible. Never fear, if you have the internet and a computer you can see his story told in less than 5 minutes at this site here. Of course, with the comments section on the site there are some people that do not give up with their childish bullying mantra of “Take responsibility and get over it!” Ahh, excuse me Ben Mitchell found life after WCG and more abundantly, didn’t he? He became a soap star, didn’t he? I call that success! What I like about Aussies is they don’t mince words and the narration in the clip asserted that the historic WCG was a “wicked doomsday cult”.  There was evil and it is being exposed and the bullies who fanatically whitewash history are failing all the time. Truth can only be buried and hidden for so long.