One website no more and a new blogsite added

Douglas Becker meant serious business by closing his Church Corporate site later in the week. He had great articles discussing what is pyschopathy, sociopathy, narcissism and other mental disorders that already exist in organized religion not limited to the XCG splinters—but organized Christian churches apart fromt the splinters. I don`t know where such valuable information like that can ever be matched. If I was`nt so busy at the time, I would have easily asked Douglas for most of his articles transferred to my blog but I guess what is done is done and I, for one truly enjoyed his ride.  Douglas is free to comment here anytime he chooses. I sincerely wish him well in his new venture(s) whatever they may be.

I have decided to put a new link to a blog called Messianic Jewish Musings by Derek Leman, a Messianic Jewish theologian, Congregational Leader of his Messianic Synagogue in Atlanta,Georgia and a man who defintaely knows how to follow God`s command of `Be fruitful and multiply.` 🙂 In other words, he has a big happy family. Some former WCGers and XCGers may hold strong objections to the blog link. Some aggressively suggest that Messianic Judaism and Armstrongism is the same. In return, I say emotive nonsense, it is no more than the perennial silly assertion that Barack Obama is a Muslim (while he specifically said he prays to His Savior Jesus Christ—but that`s another topic for another day). If some want to object, I have Doug Ward`s Grace and Knowledge ( a former WCGer himself), Robin Sampson`s Heart of Wisdom and John Garr`s Restoration Foundation websites which deal with the Hebraic roots of Christianity and Messianic Judaism. I am not removing those for anybody either. Yes, Armstrongism and Messianic Judaism does celebrate the Sabbath, the Holy Days, the dietary laws—but the similiarities end there and for one to conclude they are identcal based on these simple similiarities is making a rash and an emotively thoughtless mistake that nobody benefits in the long term. Messianic Judaism accepts the essentials of historic Christian faith like the triune nature of God and yes, they do believe that one is saved by faith through Yeshua`s (Jesus) grace—Armstrongism has stoutly denied these essentials time and time again. Oh yes for those who want to say Armstrongism and Messianic Judaism both believe in the law, again I assert absolutely no comparison.  Messianic Jews view the word law as Torah—which means teaching and instruction from a loving heavenly Father, not simply a rigid, cold legislative code to be enforced. Armstrongism believes that yes you got grace after you have been converted but after that, you obey their certain selections of the Law to carry you through the way. Yes, for one to get God`s grace through legalism—or to be justified by the law (instead of Christ) is Galatianism. I am not ignorant nor cavilier that there are some in Messianic Judaism that are Galatianists but it is irresponsible for me to assert that 90% are  that way, of course there are cultic elements in this group as they are many other groups. Read the late Jesse Ancona`s story toward the end the end of her e-book (I have the link here) with her dealings with a particular Messianic congregation in her area. Frankly when you deal with Messianic congregations that are charismatic in nature, I will just say two words, “Watch out!“

It is okay for one to not agree with Derek Leman on every single thing that he says , but on this blog I will not tolerate under any circumstances any personal vindictive attacks on this man.  You can disagree passionately but no name calling. Also I will say this now and make it loud, this blog is not a forum to bully and coerce people into agreeing with your disagreements. Attitudes like, “I am more spiritually advanced than you.“ simply just won`t do. Want to get James Pate fuming mad—just say those assertions but I know you`re much better than that. For those who want to test me, I will show you the door out and make sure that door doesn`t hit your backside on the way out!

Otherwise for everybody else, I hope many will benefit in every way of what Derek Leman has to say and teach. It will be something a little different and you will probably learn something new you haven`t known or thought about before.  I have this on my links section but I will give you the link here as well. Enjoy it!

The “third way” again!


Those who like “either/or options” HATE a third way. In their dualistic mentality, they need to be on a side, defending it vigourously and passionately and fight vociferously those on the opposing side.  You bring a third option, it shatters their world upside down. On Robin Sampson’s blog, Heart of Wisdom—we have another champion for a “third way” when it comes to Christmas and Christmas celebrations. Read what she has to say here.

bruxy2.jpg Now something different but on the topic of  a “third way”.  This is the issue about homosexuality. If you are Canadian and familiar with Bruxy Cavey and his new kind of church “The Meeting House” (one of his churches is in a “movie theatre” every Sundays at The Yorkdale Center in Toronto in which I’ve attended many times)—he has some interesting things to say. I think he’s probably on the same wavelength as I am  on the topic which is I believe that the homosexual orientation is not sin but I believe of what scripture indicates is that the practice of that orientation is not God’s best (and is sin). What a way to draw fire from both sides pro and con! Here is some of what Bruxy had to say on the ListenUp website:

Traditionally, churches fall into one of two categories:

Conservative churches condemn homosexuality and homosexuals. They invest large amounts of energy into fighting against any perceived queer community agenda. They organize rallies, sign petitions, and keep a sharp eye out for any activity within the queer community that they might perceive as anti-family.

Liberal churches react against this love-less approach by embracing members of the queer community with no distinction and no challenge toward change. These queer-friendly churches agree with, approve of, and support homosexual orientation and practice.

As a “third way” church, we at The Meeting House want to ask the question, is it possible to disagree with people and still respect and even embrace them? I believe this is possible, and the key is to ask Bible-embracing Christians to use Jesus as their model of how to interpret and live out these teachings. When Christians follow Jesus rather than use the Bible to prop up their own conservative agendas, everything changes.

We consider The Meeting House a queer-positive church. We do not preach that people must change their sexual orientation in order to follow Jesus. Instead, we invite all people to change their spiritual orientation, toward God and their fellow human beings.

For Bruxy’s entire comments log on here.

A thanks to Robin


Thanks to Heart of Wisdom’s Robin Sampson who picked up an article from another site on how to read the Bible. Very tongue and cheek to say the least but you will discover yourself laughing and nodding at the same time. Her link is here at and the original link is here at . Read ’em and agree and laugh!