Happy New Year 2012

May I wish all sincere readers of this blog Life After The WCG: A Spiritual Pilgrimage of an Independent Believer a very blessed New Year in 2012 from above. Any XCGer trying to spoil your New Year’s joy with paganoid rantings go here to be defended by scholar Kenneth Samples. To start things off on a positive note, here is none other than  Messianic Jewish  musical artist Marty Goetz performing God Bless America on this past New Year’s Eve. Enjoy.

A musical taste of Marty Goetz

 For those not aware of Messianic Jewish singer Marty Geotz, Wikipedia has some information about him right here. I had the pleasure of listening to him live in Toronto back in early 2002. I am sure you will love his voice and his music. Here’s is just a sample.