Death of a former WCG contributor


As of this morning I was watching a local cable news channel (CP24 in Toronto) and have been informed that eccentric former chess champion Bobby Fischer has died at age 64 at hospital in Iceland. The cause of death is unknown. To WCG old-timers remember him as one who once was a contributor to the Worldwide Church of God. mentions Fischer’s relationship with WCG:

In 1962, Fischer said that he had “personal problems” and began to listen to various radio ministers in a search for answers. This is how he first came to listen to The World Tomorrow radio program with Herbert W. Armstrong and his son Garner Ted Armstrong. the Armstrongs’ denomination, The Worldwide Church of God, predicted an imminent apocalypse. In late 1963, Fischer began tithing to the church. According to Fischer, he lived a bifurcated life, with a rational chess component and an enthusiastic religious component.

Fischer gave the Worldwide Church of God $61,200 of his world championship prize money. However, 1972 was a disastrous year for the church, as prophecies by Herbert W. Armstrong were unfulfilled, and the church was rocked by revelations of a series of sex scandals involving Garner Ted Armstrong.[40] Fischer, who felt betrayed and swindled by the Worldwide Church of God, left the church and publicly denounced it.

Truly an end of era. For those interested, you can read the rest of Bobby Fischer’s biography on at