Children and teens in the XCG’s YOU HAVE RIGHTS TOO!

I have read J of Shadows of WCG’s post on responsibilities and rights of the XCG member.  Read it here. I really liked it so much, I thought I had to compliment the piece with my appreciation and taking the liberty of making this post one of declaring unalienable rights for the chronologically younger members of the XCGs. Yes, I said unalienable rights—like the United States Constitution—for the children and teenagers who were either born in an XCG who were brought to by either  one or two parents who are themselves members of such a group.  Today, as I turn a new age and enter a new decade of my life (40), I can look back to my teen years in the historic WCG and say now that these inalienable rights for me and my peers in the organization at that time, were just as relevant and necessary then as they are now.  I am eternally grateful that the young people in the XCGs have an advantage and have an opportunity and I literally thank God for the internet for that! I have listed some rights they are entitled and trust me, there are more rights here than I can think of but trust me, I will pen them down when they come to mind. Young people of the XCGs this is YOUR destiny for freedom and don’t let anyone con you in surrending your rights!

  • You have the right to have proper access to medical care, when you are seriously ill or have a major physical injury. Civil jurisdictions whether federal, state or provincial will back you up! This is an alternative to being either indoctrinated by either your parents or minister who might say it is unnecessary and you should seek no such help but wait to be “magically healed”. You have the right to know that God and medicine can go together and are not mutually exclusive.
  • If you have a talent, you have the right to develop to your fullest potential. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sports, music (like you play a mean electric guitar),write (and yes, this includes fiction! Let your imagination wander! It’s not a bad thing! Didn’t Jesus tell stories? Weren’t they called parables?) or even know how to act(school plays anyone? Hey, you might be the next Kevin Spacey, praise God)—GO FOR IT!!! Don’t let the excuses of Sabbath conflicts or this would take you away from serving the church stop you!
  • You have an UNALIENABLE right to make money from your part time job at school or your summer job AND KEEP MOST OF IT!  It is your UNALIENABLE right, duty and responsibility to prioritize on HOW you are going to spend your money. For example, saving your money for your college (or university) education, supporting your parents around the house and even supporting yourself (to buy some decent clothes,etc.) COMES FIRST!  Whether you choose to support a triple-tithe (or maybe double tithe if you’re not baptized yet) tithing machine—or as I call it welfare for ministers—COMES DEAD LAST!  This is harsh for some and this where the “hard-right wing” conservatism rages in me but money transferred from the hard working, penny saving, productive citizens is suddenly redistributed to those who are let’s say, non-productive (the ministers, of course! What do they really produce?) is a form of welfare.
  • You have the right for a post-secondary education. Why stop at community college? Want to go to Harvard? GO FOR IT!  Former Church of God, International member and former XCG blogger James Pate did!  It would probably be the best thing ever happened to them.
  • You have the right to access of all information available to you in a free and democratic society. This another true unalienable right you cannot surrender to anybody! You have the right to read any book available at your local or school library. You have the right to look at all available information on the internet. You even have the right to blog (while some ministers may “ban” you from doing so) and you have a right to have a pseudonym because it really is NONE of the minister’s business of what you do in your own spare time.
  • You have the right to know that your local minister is by NO means God’s spokemen on earth. If your minister is saying things where the Bible is silent, he is not worth the respect listening to  because pastor’s agenda is not about mutual respect but all about total submission.
  • You have the right to decline to go to ANY youth church activity because of other committments. Just because you went to a church sponsored summer camp (which was paid for) and declined to go to a youth activity in your local congregation (which may be free and you didn’t need to pay a cent), is by no means a form of stealing. The local pastor may scream at the top his lungs it is but in truth he’s just being an egomaniac who wants total control of his congregation and gets a little paranoid when he feels he’s losing it.
  • On the topic of declining to attend certain church activities—AGAIN, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PRIORITIZE  that school work or a part-time job COMES FIRST! You also have an unalienable right to be free from ANY guilt for sticking to your decision for doing so.
  • You have the right to develop strong friendships outside the church organization. This means you can have trusting, meaningful and healthy relationships with people whom you meet at school. They are not on a conspiracy to get you on the road to perdition. These friendships are probably more useful and helpful  than the relationships inside church organization where it is probably not based on friendship but “using” each other for one’s selfish interests.
  • You have the right to participate in ALL extra-curricular activities you school provides. If you want to join a chess club, again I say GO FOR IT! Got baseball teams? GO FOR IT! Want to start a school newspaper? GO FOR IT! Serve on Student Council (maybe run for president? I did back in Junior High in Grade 9!)–GO FOR IT! It is good for self-discovery and character development.
  • You the unalienable right to know, embrace, come to terms and deal with the unescapable fact that you ARE a SEXUAL BEING! Forget the nonsense that you are asexual and you better be that way until you’re married. When you are a teenager YOU ARE SUPPOSED to be HORNY! It is a fact of science but I guess you well know that fundamentalists hate science and only seek to manipulate it to fit their conclusions. This subject is no exception. With this being said, I would agree with what most spiritual teachers and health experts that sexual intercourse for teenagers under 18 is not ideal.  There are consequences ranging from the mental and psychological to medical health (disease and early pregnancy) that is just too much for a teenager under 18 to take in at that time. Yes, you do have a right to know about how contraception works and no, it is NOT a provision for sin—it is all about protecting your physical and mental health! Libertarian Protestant Scott Nemeth has discusses these issues in his blog. In the interim, teenagers will relieve themselves sexually in lieu of teenage sexual intercourse. They need not feel guilty of this. Thank God for moderate conservative Christians like  the Quaker Richard J. Foster author of Money, Sex and Power who has no hangup with the concept whatsoever. In other words, mothers LEAVE YOUR SONS ALONE! Read John B’s Painful Truth article towards the end about this subject.
  • Speaking on the subject of sex, let us talk about inappropriate sexual relationships and behaviours. A congretation, including it’s pastor and it’s elders, deacons and deaconesses should stand behind  and back you up all the way if you feel that a person who is an older adult (let’s over 25, maybe 30) who is touching you inappropriately or in a way that is making you uncomfortable or is abusing you sexually! If the congregation fails to support you or even manipulatively tries “the blame the victim” game, you have every right to report to civil authorities and seek professional expert help as soon as possible. It is not your fault just because you are “attractive” and you turned this molester on. The onus is on the perpetrator where it belongs and only him! If a middle aged man does NOT have the money NOR looks of the late former Candian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, keep YOUR HANDS off these teenage daughters (yes, they are daughters of parents!)! Plain and simple! My fellow Canadians and fellow Canadiophiles (lovers of Canada, in a healthy way course—think Richard Burkard or Byker Bob) will understand the Trudeau thing.
  • Here’s another one that stirs me up—you have the UNALIENABLE  right to CHOOSE NOT TO BE BAPTIZED!  Your not as dumb as the congregation would like think you are. You know full well that being baptized in an XCG is akin to joining the mafia, you took an oath and the ramifications are severe if the oath is broken. Baptism in an XCG ONLY brings more miserable yokes. This full opportunity where the minister can watch you like a hawk waaay more than usual (welcome to the triple tithe for starters). They may say they baptize you into Christ but it is really their organization they want you loyal the most. I do believe that one must have faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior BEFORE baptism. In other words I do not believe baptism provides salvation, it is the faith that saves! Skip an XCG baptism at all costs (well many did back in my time, I even delayed my baptism until age 27 back in 1997, only to leave the WCG a year later).  If you believe and want to follow the command of Christ to be baptized, any Christian church down the street corner  or Messianic Jewish congregation that adheres to the historic Christian faith will gladly help you out in this area. You’ll be glad that you were baptized by them.

As I have said, I am positively sure there are more rights available out there. Also, I am sure you can also think of more to begin with. I sure like to hear your ideas. Let the liberation begin!