Video clips on Dr. John D. Garr

I have Dr. John D. Garr’s Hebraic Christian Global Community linked on this blog. Here’s some video clips to get know what Dr.Garr and his mission is all about. I had the opportunity to hear him and meet him nearly a decade ago back in early 2002, when he visited Toronto, Canada to a small group dedicated to the Hebraic roots of Christianity with an Seventh Day Adventist bent (actually more specifically an Ellen White bent, IMHO that group would have benefited to it’s potential if they abandoned it’s attachment to EGW and quit it’s sympathies to those who held a stubborn belief in the Arian view on the nature of Jesus Christ—but that’s neither here nor there). When Dr. Garr came to Toronto in ’02, I enjoyed his speaking style, his warm and approachable personality and his passion to educate The Church no matter the denomination about the importance of learning about the Hebraic heritage of the Christian Church. There are those who take a millitant and aggressive tone against such project but it only shows a malignant narrow-mindedness and thinking inside the box on their part. For those interesting in having a conversation, albeit an adult conversation as opposed to score points in an argument, these video clips should be an interesting and educational opportunity for those  interested.

The Macaroni Principle

See this video presented by The First Fruits of Zion.  Doug Ward of Grace and Knowledge is familiar with this group that specializes in the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith. You’ll be impressed and amazed.