NT Wright on Life “After Life After Death“

I have talked a little bit about NT Wright, British Anglican minister and his book Suprised By Hope.  Here he is on ABC`s Nightline a few months ago. Talk about right on the money. I wish (North) American churches will follow. Soon.

…and while I am on a roll on the topic of hell

mclaren03.jpgcampolo.gifYou may not agree with every single thing these men say (I don’t). Christianity Today in their website has Brian McLaren (of A Generous Orthodoxy fame) and Tony Compolo discuss their feelings on the topic of hell. Again you might not agree with it but it is important to understand where they both coming from.  The link for the article series is at http://blog.christianitytoday.com/outofur/archives/2006/05/brian_mclarens.html.

Hell as a scare tactic

fire01.jpg There are times that I have been sooo close wanting to go meet Dr.Richard Dawkins and say to him, “Where do I sign up to be an atheist?!” I know again I have touched a few people’ nerves with that statement. Some will say, “Felix is little nigra getting out of line and I want to put this heretic boy in his place!” Those who are a little more respectful, calm,who take everything in strides, who are investigative and put a greater premium on being rational and will ask the question, “Why?” It is always good ask questions with “why”. Anyone who is uncomfortable with people asking, “why” has trouble respecting other people’s point of view and are very demanding that that one rigidly submits to their own view. To cut through the chase, that there are some things that are very upsetting done in the name of God, Jesus Christ or even The Holy Spirit that make me mad (and that alone is a simple understatement).  This video that I am about to present is one of them. Make no mistake, I am NOT a universalist (on other message boards I have passionately rejected that idea vigourously!) I do believe in a heaven and hell but it is a spiritual state as opposed to a spiritual location. I also believe that if one “explicitly” rejects the gospel of Christ and one has lived a life of sin but has rejected every opportunity offered to make any course corrections will in no way be given anymore chances that he (or she) has persistently and consistently rejected. As I view it, that there only humans who want to be with God and humans that don’t want to be with God. As C.S.Lewis said about those who want to be with God, they will say, “Your will be done!” To those who don’t God will say, “Your will be done!” Frankly, a more humane view. You may want to read this article here (I have linked this article on my old post) at http://aggreen.net/beliefs/heaven_hell.html on the Eastern Orthodox view of heaven and hell (which I lean to currently).  To those who believe that using hell is a good way to get people saved, I would like to say to them, “Either God is a loving Father or a mean-spirited angry bully who exclaims, “Worship me, or burn!” You can’t have both.”

I have tried to get the video on this post but I am afraid I will have to give you a link at http://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1b5bd6e3e034d00b4f73.  Sorry about that. Some will exclaim these are not scare tactics. In all honesty, if their assertions are correct, I don’t know what a scare tactic is. For me, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, you know the rest…