A sista’s struggle in Armstrongism


I am going to repeat what J of Shadows of WCG said, “Just read it.And then tell me that God was in Armstrongism. Tell me that this was God’s True Church. Tell me. Just read it.”

Who’s story we are talking about this time? It is a sista’s story in Armstrongism. For those who are of Caucassian persuasion culturally :), a “sista” is an African American colloqualism of “sister”. Yes, a very sad story of growing up in the historic WCG but I am damn glad that Sheena has now found peace of mind among the insanity that she had to face, though she laments that her mother is still in the WCG, though it has become an evangelical denomination, there is systematic cultism in the organization. Like myself, Sheena is a believer in Christ—but remains suspicious of the organized church (and there are intelligent reasons for being suspicious, anyone who thinks this is a form rebellion, you need your heart and head examined). I guess I am going to tell the world again, that I agree with Mike Feazell when he said on a tape a few years ago back in the ’90’s when the WCG shifted to evangelicalism that it was tough to be black and a woman in the historic WCG. No argument here. Sheena’s story is a firm, unarguable confirmation of events.

By the way I am interested in anyother stories if anyone is of African-American, African-Canadian and Afro-Carribean background who had to tolerate the racial nonsense in the historic WCG. If you attend Ambassador College in the 60’s through the ’80’s, the story should be a tad more exciting!  Your stories truly have a home here.

Sheena’s story is on the ESN site here.