Various notes and some video funnies

This is also late in the game but one guy’s blog Jeremy’s Journal under the title “Hottest New Cult” back in February 2006 didn’t (and probably still doesn’t) care for Greg Albrecht and his Plain Truth ministries. The link is at .

One woman by the name of Sharon Griffith gives a piece of her  mind to Joe Jr. in an open letter on the Exit and Support Network site. I will give an excerpt:

 I truly wonder how excited to continue on your journey you would be if you found that journey taking you to the city slums to preach your message, living in a small apartment in the city like the ones most HQ personnel or members lived in, back to a low 5 figure income instead of the 6 figures you now enjoy, a house or apartment payment every month instead of your free home, a real job you had to go to daily with only 2 weeks vacation that you had to use for the Feast of Tabernacles, no savings in the bank because you were giving every extra dime to the church because of the constant ramblings of give, give, give, give, so you can “lay treasure up for yourself in heaven”, or no retirement fund because you don’t need it. etc. I can see why you want the church to continue. Not only is your standard of living the same, now you are getting radio and tv coverage, writing a book, and endorsements from other leaders. You and your friends are still enjoying the good life and travelling all over the country to share the “truth”. As you continue to tell the members to sacrifice and give, exactly where is your sacrificing and how much do you give financially?

I say, “YOU GO GIRL!!!”  Go to for more!

 This is a sermon, this is a prayer— I do not even consider this a benediction nor a valedictorian speech at a graduation ceremony but you CANNOT tell this lady so! I am surprised NOOOBODY heckled her.  I am not against a proper expression and appropriate expression of faith, but this simply wasn’t. Sorry.  A more suitable thing was to talk about how God or faith or spirituality has helped one in their studies and life at an institution of higher learning but this young woman decided to hit people over the head with her judgements on everybody on another boring episode of “What’s Wrong With College Today.” If she’s against intellectualism, I have to angrily and honestly wonder why the heck she went to a public funded college in the first darn place!

…and now a video called Too Hot for The City by SIN! (No I ain’t jiving, this is the name of the group!)

I know for a FACT that this is NOT the Church founded by Jesus Christ and His Disciples but again, you cannot tell these people anything!