Guess What I found on


As one who was using Canada Day for relaxation and surfing the net, I discovered on  an episode of The John Ankerberg Show (circa  early 1980’s) debating scripture with none other than the late Garner Ted Armstrong who was then in charged of his then “baby”—The Church of God, International which was in it’s early stages after he left Worldwide back in 1978. For those who don’t know John Ankerberg, he is a Christian apologist who also specializes in defending the essentials of historic Christian faith against abberant religious groups and cults. John, though firm in his beliefs (and in many cases rightly so), he seems like a nice guy. I have bought John’s small booklet that deals with the triune nature of God some time ago and he makes a wonderful case in proving Christ’s deity. These 13 clips below are great for a Bible study and a help for a person who wants to make their final defection from Armstrongism. I would like to see John Ankerberg do another show interviewing and debating the splinters, preferrable someone from the UCG or even David Hulme of CGIC. The reason I am choosing these two entities because they are probably they are the less strident than the more extreme folks like Flurry, Meredith, Pack, etc. You will have admit the late GTA on the show was really smoooth. Wrong in many areas of his theology but still smooth. Enjoy the clips.