Keep an open mind about NDE’s

It is almost two years ago this coming January that I showed some clips from The John Ankerberg Show on life after death. I told everybody of every belief to keep an open mind. I ask you again, with this clip (even if some have very hard-line left of centre thinking, just ignore for a moment that this is originally from Fox News) to keep an open mind. There are many hard-line atheists that would automatically conclude that the father of this son who had an NDE is implanting stories in his own child’s head. Of course, there are those in Armstrongism who totally dismiss this as demonic (believing dogmatically in soul sleep contributes to this thinking)—to only  conclude that it was Satan and the demons totally deceiving this poor child? Sadly, Evangelical Christians (to be fair, I will say most) are dismissive of NDE’s because of their occultic-New Age leanings. I can understand their suspicions—I, for one have no desire to be under the bondage of Oprahism, after slowly but surely and nicely recovering from the bondage of Armstrongism (but that’s neither here nor there and we’ll save that statement for another topic for another day). Former WCG member and British Christian Apologist Robin Brace believes that it is time for Evangelical Christians to reconsider a position that is a little too dogmatic. Read his proposal for reconsideration right here. Also, this might whet your appetite as well: Robin also has an article on his apologetics site which is called : Scientific Evidence Grows that Mind and Brain Are Separate! On this clip, the father and the son describe heaven as a place of young adults! As one who turned 40 this year and is going through the early stages of “middle age”, it was music to my ears that I will be a “young adult” again! I would like to wait at least 40 to 50 more years to see that and eternally enjoy it! 🙂