It’s been 10 years this month!

From my liberation from the Worldwide Church of God back in late October 1998, which started as a leave of absence but later made this permanent departure. I can’t believe it has been a decade! WOW! Thank God Almighty in every sense of the word. At this time last year on this blog,  I have explained my thoughts and feelings leaving Worldwide and having an eternal vigilance and suspicion on ALL religious leaders. I am unbowed, unmoved and unyielding in those thoughts and feelings a year ago.  For me to soften up by now is simply not an option and as long as live on planet it remains not an option. Oh yes, I am going to celebrate again with another clip. Yes, it is again The Who and one of their masterpiece songs Won’t Get Fooled Again at a concert in the UK in 1978 (I believe shortly before Keith Moon’s passing, trivia for all those Who fans there). The song is not only a personal anthem for me but it is also a mitzvah (a commandment) that I will zealously obey as long as I live with ecstatic joy. May it be the same for future generations of people exiting the kingdom of darkness of Armstrongism.



2 thoughts on “It’s been 10 years this month!

  1. I was born & raised in WCG. I left in 1999.
    I no longer believe or respect religious leaders; religious people for that matter. I listen to Christian radio every day. attend church regularly. (non WCG of course)

    After much prayer and study, I found that we as Christ followers do NOT NEED to believe in or follow any teachers or preachers or prophets. We have ALL we need with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and scripture. Our spiritual connection with God is not based on what we know and who told us what to believe.

    If there are scriptures we don’t understand (and of course there are) we can have confidence God will reveal the meaning of those scriptures at some point. Until then, we should not be concerned with not knowing.

    I am unapologetic in my approach. I like to listen to various teachers and preachers and keep what they say only as their opinion unless scripture or conviction comes over me.

    It is liberty to its fullest. It is a WONDERFUL place to be. I wish all my friends and family who agonize over the “unknowns” an “opinions” of those who “Lord over” them would simply be confident in the indwelling of God’s spirit and the power from it.

    When I hear about the false prophets who are taking over what’s left of WCG, it saddens me that people even believe they need a prophet.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts Camila. The XCGs have a very limited understanding of The Holy Spirit (they think opposite) and this one reason among many cannot progress any further as they can. I can only pray and hope many more eyes and ears opened in the coming years to come.

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