I’m NOT finished about the Triune nature of God

Believe you me, I am not!  One of these days, yes—one of these days I am going to give a copy of a manuscript right here on this blog about the Jewish roots of the Trinity! Whaaat! You heard me, Jewish roots of the triune nature of God. Trust me, this “pagan-trinity-doctrine” thing, contrary to popular notion is fast becoming a old idea! I am not going to give you that manuscript now but I am going to give you link to a gentleman by the name of Rick Hoot who has found that there is life after Armstrongism and life MORE abundantly! This gentleman responding to a very popular old post on this site, A Sabbath-Keeping Church Without The Armstrongism. Here’s what he had to say,

I’m very encouraged to find others who are looking for a Sabbath keeping Church of God without Armstrongism. We organized a small, monthly Bible study fellowship in the Wash DC area about 2 years ago and now have about 10 people who attend with us (some with WCG background, some without). It is so nice to come home from services having enjoyed the Sabbath rather than enduring it. I would love to hear from others on this topic. There really is life after WCG!

I can only say “Amen!” I have also put his ministry, Didactic Ministries on my links section (those in the UCG and are tired of the annual and perennial debacles in that organization might want to take a look). This is NOT another splinter group. I looked at his beliefs section and while I may not agree with every point of doctrine (and to be honest these are what I call the non-essentials), his teachings (extrapolating from his statement of beliefs) definately fall in The Kingdom of Christ,  NOT the Kingdom of the Cults. In my comments to Libertarian Protestant Scott Nemeth, I asserted that the doctrine of the Trinity is the fine line of demarcation between The Kingdom of Christ and The Kingdom of The Cults. Rick Hoot seems, in principle to agree with that concept. His study paper on refuting the God family doctrine  is worth a read, concluding that after careful and prudent Bible study, the triune nature of God triumphs of the God family doctrine hands down! To willfully accept error and persist in error has grave spiritual consequences. We can only pray for those to learn.