Intelligent quote of the day

I think that it’s important for each person to be convinced in his own mind, and to act on that conviction. I would hope that he or she would be surrounded by others who would respect that decision, and that he or she would respect the decisions that other people make. There is a lot of judging of others among Christians. For some Sunday observers, Sabbath observance alone is evidence that one is not really a Christian, or doesn’t stand on grace. At the same time, the feeling is widespread among seventh-day Sabbatarians that they have the “right” day, and that those who don’t worship on that day aren’t true Christians. I have come to see that this is a theological and historical error that needs to be rejected, not Sabbath observance per se. The important thing is not when we worship, but that we worship.

—WCG (as well as Swiss Reformed Church) minister Henry Strucke on the issue of “The Sabbath Question” while promoting his book Encountering The Rest of God on Gavin Rumney’s website a few years ago and again on Gavin’s current blog Otagosh in March of this year.