Walter Martin on Annhilationism

On the post I just finished, I mentioned briefly the late great Walter Martin and linked a clip on youtube. Here I present a clip from The John Ankerberg Show, where Walter Martin is again Ankerberg’s guest where they discusses their problems with certain interpretations of scripture that would suggest annhilation of the wicked.  Since 2004, I have sided with Ankerberg and Martin about the spirit in man is conscious after death. Before that (approximately 1999-2004) , I was with Edward Fudge, who is an orthodox Christian but supports annhilationism in books like The Fire That Consumes and Two Views of Hell (I got that one). Well in my studies Hebrews 12:22-24 showed me something a little different (and very positive) for the believer. For the unbeliever, the person who has rejected God at every turn in his or her life, will be conscious after their material body is shed on earth but will face an eternal disfellowshipment from the love of God. While  Ankerberg and Martin leaned to the Western Church, Augustinian-Calvinist based thinking of hell, I lean to an Eastern Orthodox view of hell where it is more  The Phantom Zone (think Superman) than an eternal torture chamber.  I had an Facebook discussion with a staunch liberal Universalist who mocked the idea that Eastern Orthodox view of hell is more humane than the Western view. What is the old saying, “You can’t win ’em all!”