A suggestion for a top-level XCG minister’s widow


Editor’s note: This a little bit of old news, again I thank PasedenaGuy10 for the post he made in October 2008, when XCG splinter leader Raymond McNair lost his battle with cancer and his widow had a “startling” co-worker letter thereafter.
On the LCG Yahoo board there was a note from a person who claims McNair’s wife Eve has sent out a member letter to Raymond’s sect. She is asking people to send her money. HWA taught for many years that members should not have life insurance and that ministers did not need to pay social security. People who did such things did not have faith in Herb’s god.
Below is the post:

I received the below letter earlier today from a disgruntled COG member, and am
just curious as to this forum’s response to Ms.McNair’s request here? I did not
include the contributor’s name, as I do not want to offend him in any way.

“Raymond McNair’s widow sent out a co-worker letter dated 24 October 2008,
blatantly requesting financial donations for herself, not the so called “Work.”

“The amazing paragraph read: “My husband had wanted to write asking that, in the
event of his death, since I would have no income, could some of you help me
through your tithes and offerings?

“Has this beggar never heard of working for a living?

“Did the guru McNair never tell her that even when tithes were required, the
scripture did not stipulate that they be paid to greedy widows of the wealthy
WCG hierarchy?

“I was an employee at Bricket Wood when the martinet McNair ruled his own family
and the UK churches with a rod of iron. He lived the life of riley in a
beautiful custom-built home that most top UK businessmen would not have been
able to afford at the time. This was all paid for by the poorest of people who
would travel hundreds of miles on a Saturday in clapped out old cars, wearing
hand-me-down clothes and existing on hand-outs, to worship at his feet. He
claimed he was “an Armstrong boy” and never budged from the “company line”
although many of us new that things were completely different in the US, with
people seeing doctors and living almost “normal” lives in society, rather than
cutting themselves off from it.

“How this women can have the bald-faced cheek to ask for even more sacrifices to
keep her in the lifesyle to which she is accustomed, I just cannot believe.

“This just illustrates how some of these people want to perpetuate the
discredited teachings of Armstrong to make a living for themselves (Mark
Armstrong and his mother for example.)”

Now I have to add to that, that apparently(according to one source) Raymond did
not prepare for her to receive any insurance, or social security, because they
do not do that sort of thing if they are true to the old guard doctrinal
concepts that refuses to allow members to take out insurance(correct me if I am
wrong SB) and Raymond never paid social security because of HWA’s doctrine
against it, and so his wife cannot now collect it now.

It seems that Paul said somewhere that he that does not provide “for his own
household has denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel”

When I first started working in Pasadena they did not take out Social Security because they claimed church members would not need it. Later in the early 80’s someone woke up and we were allowed to opt back into SS and make payments. I am glad I jumped back in at that time. Many people did not because they believed the foolishness of HWA and others concerning Social Security and life insurance. Of course there are still ministers and members in the splinter cults who claim to this day that Herb never said any such thing.






Editor’s note: My suggestion to Eve McNair is to get her “ass” working  and here is at least ONE place she can start work at her age!


Hey, a lot of people of 65 today need to supplement their retirement income or just plain survive. Welcome to the real world Mrs.Eve McNair, it’s time you join it for once in your life and most IMPORTANT OF ALL, leave the TITHEPAYERS ALONE!!!  They give  half of their incomes ALL READY!!!